Danilo Blaiotta

Pianist, Composer, Disseminator

Having recently heard the exquisite and inventive piano playing of DB, I was intrigued to discover how the Italian pianist transferred his skills to the traditional trio format. Having studied with J.Taylor, K.Werner, L.Grenadier and A.Cohen, it’s easy to see why he is now coming to the fore as one of Europe’s most sought-after jazz musicians.
(Mike Gates – UK VIBE)
 Eccellente pianista, dotato di tecnica ma anche di grande personalità e stile    
(Ernesto Assante – La Repubblica)

 Danilo Blaiotta’s music is a beautiful example of where there is both tradition and a personal vision. It will take you on a trip, and bring you home enriched
(Gregory Burk – Jazz Pianist)



Il Jazz e l'Europa - Vol. 2
"Maurice Ravel: Paris in blue"

Danilo Blaiotta PLANETARIAT Winter Tour


4/11 ROME - Casa del Jazz
5/11 NAPLES - Ass. Live Tones at Bourbon Street Jazz Club
18/11 FIUGGI - Bino's Music Club
19/11 LATINA - 52nd Jazz
7/12 UDINE - Udin&Jazz Winter
20/1 MOLA DI BARI - Dal Canonico Jazz Club
25/3 PRATO - Met Jazz - Teatro Metastasio